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March 27, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Service

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CARPET CLEANING WITH A DIFFERENCE!! THE ROTOVAC 360i. Quality Carpet Cleaning Service.

We are provide a professional carpet cleaning service and are among the best carpet cleaners in the West Midlands.
We provide carpet cleaning services which are bespoke to the client. Our carpet cleaning service covers Walsall, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Cannock, Sandwell, Dudley and the West Midlands area. Our carpet deep cleaning is designed for people who want their carpets professionally cleaned to an excellent standard at an affordable and competitive price. Our carpet cleaning prices are competitive. When you call, we will schedule a convenient time for the completion of the cleaning.
Our standard of cleaning is quality, thorough, professional and meticulous.
The points below show you how your carpet is cleaned. Please note this is NOT A STEAM CLEAN (DOES NOT REMOVE ANY DIRT), It’s a proper carpet wash!
 1. We vacuum thoroughly with high pressure vacuum systems designed for professional cleaning.

2. We pre – test the carpets’ fabric to determine the colourfast nature of the carpets.

3. We pre-shade your carpet for all difficult stains. We will perform specialist stain removal techniques on stains which are of particular concern to you – or that we know will be difficult to remove using non-specialist techniques.

4. We then pre-spray the carpets using heavy duty equipment. The spray lifts off oils, dirt, pollutants and carpet pests from your carpets. It prepares the carpets for deep cleaning using our state-of-the-art pressure deep cleaning machine.

5. We use the carpet deep cleaning  rotovac 360i to thoroughly clean your carpets. The machine is a little noisy because of the pressure but very effective and meticulous in doing the job.

6. Later on we use our high pressure vacuum system to suck the water, chemicals, dirt, bacteria, pollen and carpet pests (household dust mites, etc) from your carpets. This is the only method of cleaning recommended by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer.
7. After that, we use the extraction factor of the machine to make sure we rinse your carpet thoroughly while extracting any excess water and chemicals. This process enables your carpet to stay cleaner, and fresher for longer and helps to slow down the resoling process of carpets.

We will run a grooming rake over the carpet to make sure the fibres are well groomed and untangled (depending on the nature of the carpet) with no knots, keeping it as  soft and light as possible.

9. We use professional carpet drying equipment to cut down the drying time, so that your home can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Please contact us on 01922 663016 or 07508800024 or email us at for further information and a FREE No Obligation Quote, Thank you.

Our carpet cleaning service covers Birmingham, Edgbaston, Erdington, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham City Centre, Balsall Common, Balsall Heath, Rowley Regis, Cannock, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and the West Midlands area. Our carpet cleaning prices are competitive. When you call, we will schedule a convenient time for the completion of the cleaning.