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April 14, 2016

Washroom and Hygiene Cleaning Service

Washroom & Hygiene Cleaning Service covering Walsall, Willenhall, Lichfield, Birmingham, WOlverhampton, Solihull, Handsworth, Sutton Coldfield, Quinton, and the West Midlands.
At Crystal Deep Cleaning Company, we are experienced in the regular and deep cleaning of washrooms and toilet facilities. We usually carry out daily and regular washroom cleaning, public toilets and urinals cleaning. We provide one-off or intermittent deep cleaning services based on our specification and your company’s needs.

Why does your company need our regular washroom and toilet cleaning services?
Here are five reasons why!
1. It increases your business image as customers use these facilities
2. It is important for customers to have access to toilet and washroom facilities when they use your services.
3. Deep cleaning washrooms keeps levels of harmful bacteria and viruses low with our cleaning product able to kill 99% of all harmful bacteria like MRSA, FLU virus and may more!
4. Regular cleaning of washroom services helps your business keep on top of your legal requirements for washroom and hygiene cleanliness.
5. Our deep cleaning company specification helps to ensure we maintain these services for your business and helps improve your businesses image and customer satisfaction leading to increase in business for you.

crystal deep cleaning washroom deep cleaning washrooms washroom cleaning service

We have a clear price list which allows costs of cleaning and deep cleaning to be arranged properly without any hidden charges. We usually come out and give you a reliable quote. What we give you is what you will pay for. Unless you request for further areas to be cleaned we never uplift any costs.
Our services and prices include replenishing washroom accessories like toilet rolls, replaceable bin bags where we have access. All our staff are well trained and ensure that the highest level of hygiene is carried out within your washrooms and that all areas are kept clean and hygienic throughout the period of cleaning with very little disruption to your business.

The Department for Health and Safety regulates all premises and demands that employers are accountable for the hygiene and sanitation of their washroom facilities. Please visit the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website here  for some excerpts from the HSE regulation of 1992 section 21 for some information on Washroom facilities maintenance.

We cover: Public washrooms, toilets, commercial toilet facilities, restaurant washrooms, gym washrooms and shower facilities, Public Toilet Blocks, Supermarket toilets and washrooms, Events washrooms, Sports arenas washrooms, etc.

We’ll be happy to help and support your company to meet its statutory requirements for maintaining exceptionally clean washrooms and toilet facilities within your premises and designated public areas.
Call 01922663016 or 07508800024 free a free no obligation quote. Thank you.