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September 30, 2016

Washroom Hygiene Supplies and Consumables

Crystal Deep Cleaning Company offer as part of their cleaning services, the provision of washroom supplies and consumables. Being excellent commercial washroom consumable suppliers, we efficiently deliver, install and restock the hygiene products you require for your washroom services.

Our services include:

  • The provision and replenishment of paper hand towels,
  • Provision of tissue paper products,
  • Provision and installation of air fresheners and refills,
  • Provision and installation of toilet paper and toilet roll dispensers,
  • Provision and installation of  hand washing soaps and smart soap dispensers,
  • Provision and installation of feminine hygiene products and toilet sanitisers. 

The range of products Crystal Deep Cleaning can provide for your washroom equipment include sanitary units, vending machines, hand dryers, soap dispensers, toilet roll dispensers and paper hand towel equipment.

We can also offer odour neutralisers and digital air fresheners to ensure your premises smell fresh for longer.

As part of our service, we can arrange for the installation and supply of affordable washroom vending machines.  We provide this service to offices and building management and construction sites, local and national shopping centres, big departments stores, local and national health clubs, local restaurants, local pubs and hotels with branches all over the West Midlands.

If you do need this please let us know and your premises can definitely add this on as part of washroom hygiene services.

Should you need to order cleaning supplies for your staff to manage the premises, or would like our staff to supply and manage your washroom services, supplies and consumables, please contact us on 01922663016 or, or fill our contact us form to discuss the cleaning supplies and equipment you would like to have and what you would like us to provide you with. Thank you.